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Insomnia At Work

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Insomnia costs the average American employee 11.3 days a year, or $2,280, in lost productivity. A recent report from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that insomnia is affecting 23 percent of U.S. workers and creates a national cost of $63.2 billion for the sleeping disorder. “We were shocked by the enormous impact insomnia has on the average person’s life,” said study author Ronald Kessler, a psychiatric epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School. He also adds that main impact is not that U.S. workers are staying home due to sleeplessness; they still go to work, but are far less productive. The study results were from a national sampling of 7,428 employees. Insomnia was more prevalent among working women than males and also significantly lower among workers aged 65 and older.

Americans are accomplishing less at work because they are tired and, in an information-based economy, it is difficult to imagine a condition that has a more profound effect on productivity. How does insomnia affect nurses in particular? (more…)

How to Interview for a Nurse Job

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The nursing interview is the most critical part of the hiring process for a nurse job since it generally determines whether or not you are offered the position. Interview preparation involves both “technical” preparation (rehearsing interview questions, researching facilities, etc.) as well as mental preparation (envisioning success, learning to handle rejection, etc.). Most job seekers focus solely on the technical side of interviewing but are at a disadvantage by doing so since mental preparedness is equally important in terms of a successful outcome.

The In-Person Interview for a Nurse Job

There are four main components to keep in mind during an interview for a nurse job:

  1. Build Rapport: Both you and the interviewer will be looking for ways to establish areas of commonality and build rapport. For this reason, most interviews start off with simple conversation that also serves to settle nerves on each end.
  2. (more…)