Program Doubles Nursing Student Enrollment in Eight Years


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Not even nursing has been exempt from the recession.  Nursing school students are often nervous about whether they will find a job after graduation.  But not Allison Frazeur.

She is part of the Providence Scholars Program, a nonprofit center created in 2001 with the goal of increasing the number of nurses and nursing educators in Oregon.

In exchange for agreeing to work for three years for the Providence system in Oregon, the 21-year-old’s last two years of college tuition will be paid for by the program.

The Oregonian says that since the program started in the 2002-2003 academic year,

enrollment has more than doubled in nursing programs at community colleges and private and public universities, said Kristine Campbell, the executive director of the Oregon Center for Nursing.

“I don’t believe any other state has doubled its enrollment,” she added.

Meanwhile, Frazeur is happy to avoid the uncertainty many of her classmates face.  “I feel really fortunate to have a contract,” she said.