RN Jobs Offer Variety and Fulfillment


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Registered nurses are among the most respected and hardest working medical professionals.  With a variety of degree types and multiple opportunities for advanced education, the RN can see the world as their oyster—with their career as the pearl.  As varied as the nurses are themselves, so are the RN jobs available in the workforce.  From direct patient care in an Intensive Care Unit to an administrator in a government health organization, as a legal nurse consultant or a case manager, nurses may use their education to improve health, touch lives, and better communities at home and abroad.RN degrees range from Associate to Doctorate, though most RN’s practice with either an Associate or Bachelor Degree.  With an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), RN’s typically spend two years in training and gain the fundamental knowledge necessary to provide excellent patient care.  Beyond an ADN, is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) which takes an additional two years to complete.  A BSN graduate will be more prepared for administrative positions by completing a program that further emphasizes leadership, budget management and delegation.

After completing class time and the Board of Nursing exam for the state of residence, RN’s may begin searching for a job.  Most new RN’s will have to start out in direct patient care to develop a solid knowledge base that can be applied to other fields.  Most new nurses take RN jobs in local hospitals where they will usually need to work for a minimum of one to two years before moving on.  When it’s time for a job change, nurses can take into consideration what areas interest them most, and pursue those paths.  Whether it’s joining a charity medical group like Operation Smile to travel the world, sailing the seas as a Cruise Ship nurse, working as a travel nurse in the US, or working in a Pediatric ICU, nurses may take their career in any direction that they choose.

For many registered nurses, there is nothing that compares to the feeling of helping others.  No matter what type of role the nurse adopts, he or she holds the power to educate, empower and heal those around them.  Making a difference in communities both at home and abroad makes nursing a rewarding career choice—no matter which of the many careers paths a nurse chooses to follow.

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