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Free PBDS Study Guide

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Update: As of August 2011, the PBDS study is no longer available for download due to a DMCA notification of claimed infringement by Performance Management Services Inc.

Original post content from March 31, 2009:

A lot of people have been asking for a PBDS Study guide on the forum and one of our forum moderators (we only have a couple), who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons…ahem…AmandaWIRN has been gracious enough to provide one for everyone to download and use.

Veiled in secrecy, many have questioned the existence of such a fabled document, however it has been said that the elusive PBDS study guide has been closely guarded and passed down through generations by a secret society of traveling nurses — an organization whose existence is known, but whose membership and objectives are yet to be publicly discovered.

It has been theorized that recent economic factors gave rise to animosity and dissent amongst the secret group and a faction of nurses was excommunicated. The ostracized minority then leaked the sacred document in an act of retribution for their dismissal.

In any event, the PBDS Study Guide is now readily available on this website for your use.

Please be sure and thank Amanda on the forum if you use it. You can just click her name above and send her a visitor note on her profile.  You’ll have to register first, but it only takes a second!

Download Free PBDS Study Guide

Also, if you are going to share the document, please point others to this web page rather than sharing it with them directly. We’d really appreciate the endorsement.